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ZMT zurich med tech

ZMT Zurich Med Tech AG
Zurich, CH


Sim4Life is a development of the 3D electromagnetic simulation software SEMCAD X. It can be used for the same type of analysis, but it is primarily dedicated to electromedical applications: MRI, pace maker implantation, irradiation and ablation therapy, electronic devices standard compatibility evaluation, and many others. One can go from low frequency with P-EM-QS Quasi-Static solver to high frequency with P-EM-FDTD Full Wave solver. Additionally, P-THERMAL (thermodynamics), P-FLOW (fluid dynamics), T-NEURO (neuronal dynamics) e P-ACOUSTICS (acoustics) solvers are available. A wide range of human (Virtual Population ViP) and animal (ViZoo) models make accurate, fast and internationally validated (IEEE/IEC 62704-1) simulations possible, that are also confirmed by a large number of real measurements.

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