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Schmid & Partner Engineering AG

Schmid & Partner Engineering AG
Zurich, CH


SEMCAD X belongs to the latest generation of 3D-FDTD full wave electromagnetic and thermal simulation tools. Easy to use, in 32 bit or 64 bit version, can import 3D models from the most advanced design software packages, or generate them directly, providing them with an adaptive and automatic meshing, and extremely quickly perform EM propagation and thermal analysis on antennas, circuits, components, devices and on the human body, of which several complete models are available. Ideal for electro-medical applications and for the design of microwave and lower frequency systems, with ADI and FIT-FDTD solvers, used with appropriate hardware accelerating tools, it allows to complete complex solutions even hundreds of times faster than usual so far.

To know more click here: (www.semcad.com)

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